streaming statistics

In July, more than 63 mln people (age 15+) worldwide visited, 16 mln of whom came from the US On a daily basis, the site attracted an average of 6.2 mln visitors worldwide, with 1.6 mln residing in the US The site also ranked as the 17th most visited property worldwide during the month. In July 2006, YouTube served nearly 3 bln video streams worldwide, with slightly less than 25% of the total activity streamed to US locations. On an average daily basis for the month, 96 mln streams were served worldwide, and 21 mln in the US.

YouTube statistics in July 2006
Unique audience, 000 Streams initiated, mln,
Monthly Daily Monthly Daily
US 16,080 1,586 649 21
Worldwide 63,411 6,205 2,975 96
Source: comScore