YouTube traffic details

Nielsen//NetRatings reported that weekly US Web traffic to video sharing site YouTube grew 75% in the week ending July 16th, 2006, from 7.3 mln to 12.8 mln unique visitors. Among the top 25 Web brands ranked by unique audience, YouTube was the fastest growing from January to June 2006, increasing 297%, from a monthly unique audience of 4.9 mln to 19.6 mln. The number of Web pages viewed has grown even faster, increasing 515%, from 117.6 mln in January to 724.0 mln in June 2006. The average time spent at the site has increased 64% during the same period, from just over 17 minutes to nearly 28 minutes.

Men are 20% more likely to visit YouTube than women, with unique audience composition indexes of 113 and 88, respectively. Visitors between 12-17 years old index the highest among the various age groups, at 142. They are nearly 1.5 times more likely than the average Web user to go to YouTube.