Young salespeople the worst IT security offenders

Based on the insights of almost one thousand UK and US IT decisions makers, the worst culprits of security breaches are junior sales men and women between the ages of 26-35 years old, who are multi-taskers and tech savvy, using applications such as email, instant messenger, VoIP, and the web, MessageLabs reports. On the other hand, the angels of the workforce, those most knowledgeable on security matters, are the techies: middle management males between the ages of 26-35 years old who work within the technology function. More than 75% of all respondents in the US and UK don’t expect spam to ever cease being a problem. Almost a third of all small business respondents have been impacted by a malware or virus attack. Only 53% of small businesses have the right IT security procedures in place compared to 69% of enterprise companies. More than 40% of the companies surveyed did not provide security training to staff. Less than half of the organizations surveyed, 21% in the UK and 41% in the US, are confident that employees will not cause a security breach.