Women more likely to use mobile picture messaging, men more likely to listen to mobile music

More than 75% of all mobile phone service subscribers reported that they would definitely not or probably not switch carriers when their contracts are up. Just over 7% said they would definitely or probably switch carriers. According to NPD Group, 23% of consumers are “completely satisfied” with their wireless carriers and another 44% are “very satisfied.” For those unsatisfied consumers who plan to switch carriers in the next three months, Verizon tops the list of companies consumers say they plan to switch to.

The industry has had success in getting consumers to adopt text messaging, which is important, since SMS traffic generates 37% of all data revenue and nearly 40% of mobile phone users now use text functionality on their mobile phones; T-Mobile leads the US carriers, with just over half of their subscribers using text messaging. 17 mln wireless subscribers currently use picture messaging. Women generate 57% of picture messaging revenue for carriers. Currently nearly 18% of consumers have signed up for a data plan on their wireless phones. Sprint boasts the largest share (25%) of customers with data plans. While still a small percentage of overall consumers, nearly 3 mln subscribers currently listen to music on their mobile phones. Nearly 60% mobile music listeners are male.