Women entrepreneurs increased 190% since 1990

The number of immigrant women entrepreneurs has increased 190% since 1990, and 468% since 1980, according to the Immigration Policy Center report. They make up 8.3% of the employed immigrant female population; only 6.2% of employed native-born women are business owners. A woman entrepreneur is most likely to be from Mexico (16.5% of all immigrant women business owners), Korea (6.1%), Vietnam (4.9%), the Philippines (4.0%), El Salvador (3.7%), Germany (3.6%) and Canada (3.3%). Her age is probably between 36 and 45, the most represented age group for immigrant female and male entrepreneurs. Industry-wise, while the top five industries are stereotypical – private households (13.7%), child day care (9.2%), restaurants/food service (8.3%), beauty salons (6.0%) and services to buildings and dwellings (3.9%) – immigrant women are well-represented in other areas.