WLAN IC market to generate $2.1 bln in 2008

The WLAN IC market is expected to grow strongly over the forecast period of 2004-2008 from approximately 47 mln units shipped and $480 mln in revenue in 2003, to almost 390 mln units shipped and $2.1 bln in revenue in 2008. In the early years of the forecast, much of the shipment volume and revenue is composed of WLAN ICs utilized in Wi-Fi aggregation equipment (e.g. access points and wireless SOHO routers) and Wi-Fi clients (WLAN NICs used in various types of PCs.) However, toward the end of the forecast, we believe an increasing share of the market will be comprised of shipments of WLAN ICs going toward CE and Wi-Fi IP telephony applications, as described previously. By 2008, nearly half of the total of $2.1 bln in WLAN IC revenue will come from the sale of WLAN ICs into CE and Wi-Fi IP telephony applications.