Wireless e-mail productivity

The latest study by The Radicati Group, Inc. (PDF link),
provides market size, four-year forecasts, technology and device trends, and competitive
data for the Enterprise Wireless Email market. Research indicates that employees using
wireless email will have put in an extra 55 minutes of work per day. This will grow to 80
minutes by year-end 2007.

The study projects that despite a wavering economy and relatively unstable carrier
networks, almost 2 million business professionals will be using enterprise wireless email
by year-end 2003. Growth in the number of wireless email users will be driven by the
influx of affordable and highly- functional mobile devices on the market, as well as the
reduction in the price of wireless email servers and solutions.

Behind-the- firewall enterprise solutions will continue to garner a majority of the
corporate market as most enterprises prefer to have full IT control over corporate
communications. By year-end 2003, revenues for enterprise wireless email vendors will
reach $228 million, growing steadily to $812 million by 2007, the study says.

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