WiFi revenues up 55% for 2003, consumer market up 66%

The Wi-Fi gear market continued its rapid growth in 2003, led mostly by consumer holiday sales, but companies saw a slight shuffle in their market share rankings. The overall revenue for Wi-Fi wireless networking gear was up more than 55% in Q4 2003 to $751.9 mil, Synergy Research Group said in a report Tuesday. Revenue was up about 40%, to $2.5 bil, for the year. The consumer sector drove the overall market, increasing about 74% in the fourth quarter to $517.6 mil and up 66% to $1.6 bil for the year. The enterprise, or large-business, segment also was up significantly – about 26% to $234.3 mil for the quarter and about 9% to $869.7 mil for 2003.