Who displays most Google ads: MySpace, Google, AOL, MapQuest, NeoPets

Nielsen//NetRatings tracked the performance of sites carrying Google AdSense ads between Q2 2006 and Q2 2007. Google and Fox Interactive deal allowed MySpace to propel into the #1 spot of Google AdSense sites. In a single quarter MySpace was home to 142 mln. ad impressions, which is more than 4x compared to the next contender – Google properties. Note, however, that Nielsen//NetRatings tracks impressions, not click-through or performance of the ads.

Fastest-growing Google AdSense sites

  Impressions Growth
Property Q2 2006 Q2 2007 YTY
MySpace 3,304,457 142,132,876 4201%
Google 44,818,253 34,830,016 -22%
AOL.com 8,327,507 10,903,509 31%
MapQuest 3,367,935 9,751,184 190%
NeoPets N/A 5,799,114 N/A
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings