Where UK surfers click after visiting search engines

Almost 23 mln people in the UK visited a search engine in January 2006, which represents 84% of the Internet population. The UK Internet population clicks on over half a bln links on search engines every month. Overall, the retail sector received the greatest number of people clicking-through from search engines. Mass merchandisers received the greatest number of people clicking-through, 7.6 mln, which represents 33% of the search audience and 28% of the entire UK Internet population.

Where UK surfers head after visiting search engines

Sector Audience, 000 % of audience Leading brand
Mass Merchandiser 7,587 33% Amazon
Shopping Directories 7,069 31% Yahoo! Shopping
Government 7,049 31% The NHS
Broadcast Media 6,805 30% BBC
Universities 6,750 30% Oxford University
Research Tools 6,277 28% Wikipedia
Communities 6,263 28% Friends Reunited
Local Guides 5,814 26% Yell
News 5,578 25% BBC News
Travel 5,526 24% Expedia
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings