Western European mobile phone market up 20% in Q2 2005

According to IDC, the Western European mobile phone market (consisting of traditional mobile phones and converged devices) witnessed healthy year-on-year growth of 20% in Q2 2005. Shipments reached 37.6 mln units, predominantly driven by increased traction in low-end segments and renewal demand for new feature-rich handsets, with sequential growth of 4% raising expectations for total 2005 market growth. In light of healthy Q2 2005 market growth, IDC short-range forecast predicts the Western European total mobile phone market will grow 11% YTY in 2005. Despite the year revealing a progressively bleak outlook for the European economy underpinned by slowdowns in consumer spending, 12-month replacement cycles and the evolving perception among Western Europeans of the mobile phone as a fashion accessory are maintaining healthy year-on-year market growth.