Western European mobile device market up 91% in Q2 2005

According to IDC, the Western European market for mobile devices (including standalone PDAs and converged devices) grew a substantial 91% in Q2 2005, with shipments reaching 3.4 mln units compared to 1.8 mln units in Q2 2004. Nokia reinforced its dominance with 57% of total shipments, while the #2 spot was shared by four vendors (Palm, HP, Sony Ericsson, and Acer) each with a 5% share of the market. The handheld market continued to exhibit positive growth with YTY shipments increasing by 7% to 692,000 units, as Acer gained market leadership. A recordquarterQ for the converged device segment reinforced its position as the primary source of market growth with a year-on-year shipment increase of 139% to 2.7 mln units.