Web traffic to real estate sites from poor families jumps by 47%

Nielsen//NetRatings says the continued interest in home and rental properties compelled 21.6 mln Web surfers, or 15% of the active Internet population, to visit a real estate or apartment site during April 2005, spiking 26% from 17.1 mln visitors six months ago. Though the overall jump in visitors came from all income brackets to real estate and apartment sites during April 2005, lower-income households earning up to $25K showed the most significant growth with 1 mln potential home buyers and renters viewing a real estate or apartment site last month, marking a 47% leap during the past six months. More than 6 mln visitors, or the bulk of real estate surfers, earned a household income between $50-$75K jumping 32% from November 2004. Households with income of more than $150K rounded out the top three fastest growing income groups.