Video over cell phones to attract 30 mln, generate $3 bln by 2009

IDC anticipates that by 2009, over 30 million US wireless subscribers will be consuming commercial video/TV content and services over their wireless devices. The market value will top $3 bln by 2009. Until mid-2006, mobile video and TV content is likely to be delivered solely over existing 2.5G and 3G carrier unicast cellular networks. However, broadcast/multicast networks from Crown Castle Mobile Media and MediaFLO USA should emerge in the latter half of next year, which will change the competitive dynamics in the marketplace. While wireless video/TV over cellular-enabled devices is showing promise with early signs of growth, IDC finds that network services must be designed to better streamline the activation and on-going use of video/TV content and live TV. A hybrid delivery model that supports live TV and video content as well as on-demand clips is likely to be the most effective long term approach.