Versign claims Monday after Thanksgiving is the highest volume e-commerce shopping day of the year

According to Verisign shopping statistics from the holiday weekend, Monday has now replaced Black Friday as the highest volume e-commerce shopping day of the year. The total purchases made on the Monday after Thanksgiving were in excess of 5.2 mln, accounting for approximately $406 mln of online sales volume. Thanksgiving Day online purchases increased 40% in 2004 as compared to 2003. This represents a sales volume of more than $75 mln for Thanksgiving Day. Purchases on Black Friday 2004 grew 31% from Black Friday 2003. This growth in online purchases accounted for a sales volume increase of more than $20 mln.

Nearly two mln purchases were made the Saturday after Thanksgiving in 2003. Although not experiencing the same significant year-over-year growth rate as Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, the number of purchases did increase eight% on Saturday 2004, accounting for more than two mln purchases. The Sunday following Thanksgiving 2004 pulled in 2.36 mln purchases, which was consistent with a similar number for Sunday 2003, which hit 2.37 mln in online sales. The total number of online purchases from Thanksgiving 2004 through the following Monday reached 14.9 mln; a 14% increase from the same time period in 2003.