Users name $8.00 as the price to pay for hotspot access

In-Stat/MDR research uncovered some continuing issues in the hotspot market. Of primary concern is willingness to pay, particularly among individuals, the research indicated that users were willing to pay only $8.00, on average, for hotspot services. Frequency of use among individuals was also found to be relatively low, with 40% of respondents who use hotspots only accessing once every couple of months or less. In-Stat/MDR also found that availability is a continued concern, with national coverage a criteria for many companies to adopt a hotspot service. There are also variances among industries, regions, and especially size of business in attitudes about the hotspot market. Whether it is the particular concern for security among government employees, or the preference for free venues among SOHO users, hotspot providers would benefit from a better understanding of the specific needs that exist among hotspot users.