US online donations reached $3 bln in 2004

US online donations in 2004 hit more than $3 billion, up 58% from $1.9 billion in 2003, according to Kintera and Luth Research. More than 8.6 mln US households gave online to their favorite charities or nonprofit organizations. More than 65% of all donors visited at least one of the Web sites of the nonprofit organizations or fundraising events to which they gave. More than 12% of all donating households in 2004 made some online donations. More than 75% of donors who go online before making a donation noted that going online made some impact on their decision whether or not to give, and more than 25% say the impact was significant. Nearly 35% of all online donors gave at least half of their donation amount online; 22% of all online donors gave all of their donations online. About 3% of all donors in 2004 gave all their donations online.