US flat panel HDTV sales up 27% in December 2007

Pacific Media Associates reports that unit sales for flat panel HDTV televisions in North America grew by 27% in December 2007 over November 2007 sales. The average street price for all units sold in December 2007 in the report sample declined by just 1% over the average for November 2007. This result might appear to be in conflict with the result that 17 of the top 20 best-selling units fell by as much as 10% or more from November’s pricing. The 1080p 45″-49″ LCD segment average price fell by 10%, and was second behind 1080p 40″-44″ LCD as the most popular segment on a unit basis. Samsung had seven of the top ten best-selling models in December, including the top selling LNT4661F 1080p 46″ LCD HDTV with an average street price of $1,531, down 15% from its November price. This helped drive Samsung to the top spot in both unit share with 29.6%, and revenue share with 32.2%.