US camera accessories market generated $598.1 mln in 2005, 27% growth

According to NPD Group, retail sales for camera accessories in the US grew 27% to $598.1 mln, compared to $472.8 mln in 2004. Accessories include bags and cases, tripods and monopods, accessory and starter kits, lenses, flashes, and batteries. In 2005, over $5.9 bln was generated from the sales of digital and film cameras in the US, with digital single lens reflex (DSLR) revenue experiencing the most growth for the year, increasing 44% from 2004. This helped fuel accessory purchases despite the fact that 75% of all DSLRs sold 2004 came with kits that included lenses. Lens sales, both fixed focus and zoom, saw revenue increase 43% to $235.1 mln in 2005, making lenses the most lucrative accessory. Camera cases/bags also generated impressive revenues in 2005, increasing nearly 24% from the prior year to $128.1 mln. Flashes generated $54.6 mln in 2005, while battery sales generated $49.9 mln and accessory/starter kits produced $33.1 mln in sales.