US broadband penetration number 2003-2006

Nielsen//NetRatings announced that the number of active broadband users from home increased 28% YTY, from 74.3 mln in February 2005 to 95.5 mln in February 2006. Broadband composition among the US active online population has seen vigorous growth during the past three years, increasing at least 10% points annually and hitting an all-time high of 68% for active Internet users in February 2006. From February 2003 to February 2004, broadband composition grew 12%, from 33% to 45%. In February 2005, it increased 10% to 55%. 2005, February saw broadband composition reach an all-time high of 68%, increasing an impressive 13% over the previous February. Overall Internet penetration in the US has stabilized over the past few years, reaching 74% at home in February 2006. As broadband penetration increases, so does the average PC time spent per person. With fast connections to Web sites for online photos, audio and video files, online visitors are devoting more time to their computers. Since February 2003, the average PC time per person among active Web users has increased approximately five hours from 25 and a half hours a month to 30 and a half hours a month.

US broadband penetration 2003-2006

Month Penetration, % Time per person
Feb 2003 33 25:33:24
Feb 2004 45 27:52:29
Feb 2005 55 27:49:58
Feb 2006 68 30:35:54
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings