UK IT contractor average rate was $49.87 per hour in June 2005

The average rate for UK developers, analysts, project managers and UNIX specialists, has risen to 27.60 pounds per hour ($49.87) in June 2005, up from 27.01 pounds in May 2005, which in itself was a climb from the 26.81 pounds of April 2005. The current figure is the highest in 2005, surpassing the 27.56 set in January 2005. Java fell from 34.25 to 32.96 pounds, C++ dropped from 33.92 to 33.08 pounds and C# went from 33.27 to 32.80 pounds. Given the rates for Java and C++ in January, (35.70 and 38.40 pounds respectively) these falls mark a significant six month drop off: 8% in the case of Java, and 14% for C++. The C# rate over the same period has actually risen slightly, despite this month’s drop, from 32.30 pounds in January, a rise of 2%.