TypePad among top 10 Web sites visited during primetime

Television Web sites see an increase in time spent at home during television’s prime time, weekdays 8pm – 11pm. At NBC.com in February, 40% of total time spent was during prime time, making it the #1 Web site when ranked by the prime time index. Web properties ABC Primetime and Fox Broadcasting took the #2 and #3 spots, with a respective 30% and 26% of total time spent taking place between 8pm – 11pm. Other television-related sites that ranked high on the prime time index were TV Guide, Yahoo! TV and CBS Television. The overall total share of time spent online at home during prime time was 13.7%.

Top sites visited during primetime
Site Share
NBC.com 39.6%
ABC Primetime 29.6%
FOX Broadcasting 26.0%
Edmunds.com 25.5%
TV Guide Online 24.6%
IGN Entertainment 23.2%
Yahoo! TV 23.0%
Dictionary.com 22.6%
Six Apart TypePad 21.6%
CBS Television 21.3%
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings