Travel, health, entertainment and news are top Internet searches

Of the 98% of Internet users who have used a search engine, 48% do so at least once per day. On average, Internet users conduct two searches per day, and the largest share – 30% – search more than once per day. The most popular topics overall were travel, with 61% of users saying they searched on the subject, followed by health (60%), entertainment (58%), current events or news (56%) and weather (56%). The top five search categories for women were just a reprioritization of the categories for the overall population, with health being the most frequently searched subject. Men typically looked for entertainment information, with automobile and technology searches also very prominent. Young adults (18 to 27-years old) were most likely to search for entertainment and career information; generation X (28 to 39-years old) conducted travel and health searches most frequently; and both baby boomers (40 to 58-years old) and mature adults (59+) sought health information.