Traffic to tax Web sites up 28% in February 2006

Following a dramatic 215% traffic increase from December 2005 to January 2006, Web traffic to tax sites grew another 28% in February 2006 to 29.7 mln visitors. With its wealth of tax information resources and links to online filing sites, saw traffic increase 38% to 15.9 mln visitors to rank as the top site in the tax category in comScore ranking. Other tax sites primarily dedicated to online filing also saw significant gains., drew 7.8 mln visitors in February 2006 (up 42%), while attracted 3.7 mln visitors (up 39%) and drew 3.5 mln visitors (up 57%). Compared to February 2006 2005, TurboTax gained 13%, grew 7%, and drew 42% more traffic. These strong gains indicate that more Americans are, in fact, filing their taxes online, rather than just retrieving tax-related information.