Traffic to lottery sites up 19% in July 2006

Lotto and sweepstakes sites enjoyed a surge in traffic in July 2006, rising 19% from June 2006 to 33.4 mln visitors. led the category with 10 mln visitors, a 59% increase versus the previous month, the Pirates of the Caribbean McDonald’s sweepstakes site, which saw 3.6 mln visitors. Traffic to the promotional site contributed to an 87% increase in traffic to the McDonald’s Web property overall, which drew a total of 5 mln visitors. The Oprah Show Summer Sweepstakes, which gives viewers a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to an Oprah taping and contributed to a 42% increase in traffic to (3.7 mln visitors). The Pepsi Street Motion sweepstakes, which resulted in a 434% increase to 689,000 visitors to Additionally, the following state lottery sites saw traffic increases in July: (up 18% to 1.4 mln), (up 24% to 1.4 mln), (up 9% to 1.4 mln), (up 11% to 827,000), (up 15% to 549,000), (up 12% to 360,000), (up 18% to 360,000), (up 36% to 359,000) and (up 6% to 345,000), ComScore says.