Traffic to from various countries

After doubling from April 2006 to May 2006, US traffic to the official World Cup site continued its ascent in June capturing 8.2 mln unique visitors, increasing 10x versus the prior month. Additionally, the average US visitor spent more than 44 minutes on the site?four times as long as in May. Although only 25% of total worldwide visitors to the site were from the US, Americans were heavily engaged in the tournament, viewing 52 pages per day. In fact, those visiting the World Cup site from workplace computers viewed 80 pages per day at the site, stimulated by the fact that the majority of games were played during US working hours. pageviews
per day per user per country
Country Pageviews
Worldwide 35
Mexico 56
United States 52
Portugal 48
Italy 44
Switzerland 44
Argentina 41
Spain 38
Japan 36
France 33
Germany 31
Source: comScore