Traffic to career sites up 30% in June

Traffic to career sites rose 30% in June YTY, NetRatings said, with a total of 27.2 mln people visiting such pages. topped the charts with a unique audience of 9.6 mln users. It was followed by CareerBuilder with 9.3 mln users and Yahoo IHotJobs with 7.1 mln users. Of those seeking jobs, NetRatings said, 89% registered with Monster, far more than CareerBuilder and HotJobs, at 47% and 43% respectively. Users also spent more time at Monster (nearly 18.5 minutes) than CareerBuilder (just over 14 minutes) or HotJobs (6.5 minutes). In total, NetRatings said just over 18% of the entire Internet population visited job sites in the month.