Top Web services applications: business process management, data management, syncronization

According to Evans Data Corporation Web Services/SOA Development Survey, 40% Web Services developers feel that Web Services either absolutely or probably diminish the need for Enterprise Application Integration. Only 10% feel that Web Services absolutely do not diminish the need for EAI. In addition, 60% of Web Services developers believe that Web Services can significantly or somewhat lower costs to implement standard EAI implementations.

The top three types of services being developed for Web Services are: business process management; data management, cleansing and synchronization tools; and e-commerce applications. 17% of survey respondents are using third party consulting to help with Web Services projects and another 14% plan to use a third party consultant in 2005. The Web Services areas in need of the most third party consulting help are: security; design and Development; and interfacing to legacy systems. Web service development budgets are growing.

By 2005 20% of Web Services developers expect to be devoting most of their IT budgets to Web Services initiatives. When asked about the biggest obstacle to Web Services, 20% of respondents indicated that interfacing to legacy code is the biggest hurdle to Web Services implementations, a year ago only 8% considered this a problem.