Top Web advertisers for September: Netflix, Dell, AT&T Wireless, SBC

Top advertisers, ranked by impressions, are based on data from AdRelevance, Nielsen//NetRatings’ advertising research service. An impression is counted as the number of times an ad is rendered for viewing.

                         Top 10 Advertisers by Company
               Advertiser*                        Impressions (000)
               Netflix, Inc.                      1,893,655
               Dell Computer Corporation          1,614,351
               AT&T Wireless Services, Inc.       1,603,432
               SBC Communications, Inc.           1,538,563
     , Inc.             1,499,420
               InterActiveCorp                    1,340,145
               Classmates Online, Inc.            1,105,716
               Verizon Communications, Inc.       1,087,173
               Monster Worldwide, Inc.            942,871

Impressions reported exclude house ads, which are ads that run on an advertiser’s own Web property.