Top video streaming sites: Yahoo!, MySpace, YouTube, Time Warner

More than 106.5 mln people, or about 3 out of every 5 US Internet users, streamed or downloaded video during the month of July. In total, nearly 7.2 bln videos were streamed or downloaded by US Internet users for an average of 67 streams per streamer, which means the typical video streamer viewed an average of more than two streams per day. Yahoo! Sites ranked as the top property by unique US streamers with 37.9 mln, followed very closely by MySpace, which attracted 37.4 mln US streamers. Fast-rising YouTube ranked third with 30.5 mln US streamers, followed by the Time Warner Network (25.7 mln US streamers) and Microsoft Sites (16.2 US mln streamers).

MySpace fared particularly well in US user engagement. The site ranks first among all sites in individual video streams initiated by US users with nearly 1.5 bln streams, which represented 20% of all videos streamed by US Internet users in July. The typical US streamer on MySpace initiated an average of 39 streams during the course of the month, or slightly more than one per day. Yahoo! Sites ranked second in total streams initiated by US users with 812 mln, followed by YouTube with 649 mln.

Top video streaming sites in July 2006

Property Uniques,
# of US
streams, mln.
per user
Total Internet 106,534 7,182 67.4
Yahoo! Sites 37,934 812 21.4
MySpace 37,422 1,459 39.0
YouTube 30,538 649 21.2
Time Warner Network 25,675 258 10.1
Microsoft Sites 16,227 156 9.6
Viacom Digital 14,077 322 22.9
Google Sites 7,520 60 7.9
Ebaums World 7,143 67 9.4
MLB 6,442 30 4.6
ROO Group Inc. 5,841 186 31.9
Source: comScore