Top traffic growth on Katrina coverage:, ABC News, MSNBC

Web surfers looking for news and weather updates visited a variety of TV, print and dedicated weather destinations for the latest Hurricane Katrina information. Leading the fastest growing Monday-to-Monday daily traffic rise and each experiencing triple-digit growth, Advance Internet drew 1.4 mln people on Monday, August 29 due to its, followed by ABCNEWS Digital and MSNBC, which attracted 1.1 mln and 6.5 mln unique visitors, respectively. WorldNow and Fox News rounded out the top five sites, jumping 95% and 84% to 1.1 mln and 2.0 mln unique visitors, respectively. Weather Channel and AccuWeather’s dedicated sections to Hurricane Katrina coverage drove 7.7 mln and 961,000 unique visitors to the sites in a week-over-week comparison, garnering 73% and 55% in respective growth, according to Nielsen//NetRatings.