Top three online florists bought 1 bln ad impressions in 1 week

Top three online floral advertisers for Valentine’s Day stepped up promotions by 333%. The number of shoppers to the sites jumped 75%, capturing the attention of nearly 4.4 mln unique visitors. Nielsen//NetRatings reports that the average order size for flowers is approximately $58. Portals/search engines, and email sites have proven to be the most effective marketing vehicles in driving sales for the top three floral retailers, accounting for 63% and 21% share of those impressions, respectively.

FTD led the group in online advertising with more than 470 mln ad impressions. The online florist drew more than 1 mln unique visitors, growing 50%. Ranking second, placed nearly 337 mln ad impressions, traffic increasing 86% from the previous week. Capturing the largest audience with nearly 2.5 mln visitors, jumped 72%. increased its online advertising by 594% to nearly 206 mln ad impressions, placing it third among top floral advertisers. It attracted nearly 1.4 mln unique visitors, increasing 72% from the week prior.