Top telecoms respecting online customers: Verizon Wireless, CenturyTel, T-Mobile

The Customer Respect Group analyzed 55 companies from Telecommunications, Wireless, Cable and, for the first time, MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators). Customer ‘churn’ is considered one of the most pressing issues for the telecommunications industry. The website is one of the factors affecting churn, especially in the 18-34 age demographic grouping. The industry scored an average of 5.9 overall, above average for a range of industries, and marginally better than the last report six months ago. The traditional telecommunications and wireless companies scored consistently higher than cable firms and MVNOs.

Customer respect index for major telecoms
Telecom CRI
Verizon Wireless 8.5
CenturyTel 8.2
T-Mobile 7.1
Sprint 7.0
Qwest 6.8
Verizon Communications 6.6
AT&T 6.4
STi Mobile 6.4
Skype 6.3
Cablevision 6.2
Virgin Mobile US 6.2
Source: Customer Respect Group