Top Technology Priorities in 2009

Top 10 Business Priorities Ranking Top 10 Technology Priorities Ranking
Business process improvement 1 Business intelligence 1
Reducing enterprise costs 2 Enterprise applications (ERP, CRM and others) 2
Improving enterprise workforce effectiveness 3 Servers and storage technologies (virtualization) 3
Attracting and retaining new customers 4 Legacy application modernization 4
Increasing the use of information/analytics 5 Collaboration technologies 5
Creating new products or services (innovation) 6 Networking, voice and data communications 6
Targeting customers and markets more effectively 7 Technical infrastructure 7
Managing change initiatives 8 Security technologies 8
Expanding current customer relationships 9 Service-oriented applications and architecture 9
Expanding into new markets and geographies 10 Document management 10
Source: Gartner