Top spyware applications

WebRoot Software identified the top spyware applications, according to the data from Spy Audit, a free spyware scanner tool.

  1. PurityScan – PurityScan frequently displays pop-up advertisements onto your computer whenever you are online. It induces you to install it by claiming to find and delete pornographic images.
  2. n-CASE – (msbb.exe) n-CASE is an adware program that delivers targeted pop-up advertisements to your computer. This program is usually bundled with freeware applications.
  3. Gator – Gator (GAIN) is an adware program that has the ability to display banner advertisements based on your Web surfing habits. Gator is usually bundled with numerous free software programs, including the popular file-sharing program Kazaa.
  4. CoolWebSearch – CoolWebSearch has the ability to hijack your Web searches, home page, and Internet Explorer settings. Recent variants of CoolWebSearch install using malicious HTML applications or security flaws, such as exploits in the HTML Help format and Microsoft Java Virtual machines.
  5. Transponder – Transponder (vx2) is an IE Browser Helper Object that monitors requested web pages and data entered into online forms, then delivers targeted advertisements.
  6. ISTbar/AUpdate – ISTbar/AUpdate is a toolbar used for searching pornographic web sites that has been reported to display pornographic pop-ups and to hijack your homepage and Internet searches.
  7. KeenValue – KeenValue is an adware program that collects personal information and delivers advertisements to your computer.
  8. Internet Optimizer – Bargain Buddy delivers targeted pop-up advertisements to your computer based on key words you might enter while surfing the Web. Internet Optimizer hijacks error pages and redirects them to its own controlling server at
  9. Perfect Keylogger – Perfect Keylogger is a monitoring tool that records all visited web sites, keystrokes and mouse clicks. For example, it can log passwords, account numbers and other sensitive information. It is usually installed manually.
  10. TIBS Dialer – TIBS Dialer is a dialer program that hijacks your modem and dials toll numbers, usually to access pornographic “pay” Web sites.