Top sports sites: ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo! Sports MLB

The Yahoo! FIFA World Cup website was the fifth most visited website in the Sports category for the week ending June 24, 2006, accounting for 4.1% of US category visits. For that week, the Yahoo! FIFA World Cup website ranked at number 68 overall among the more than 500,000 US websites tracked by Hitwise.

Top sports sites for the week ending Aug 24th, 2006

Site URL Share
ESPN 5.33%
Yahoo! Sports 5.16%
Yahoo! Sports Major League Baseball 4.50%
Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball 4.07%
FIFA World Cup 4.05%
Yahoo! Fantasy Sports 3.07%
Major League Baseball 2.46% 2.19% 2.12% ? MLB 1.99%
Source: HitWise