Top PC makers in Asia-Pacific: Lenovo, HP, Dell, Founder, Acer

IDC claims that the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) PC market totaled 11.6 mln units in Q2 2006, representing a sequential growth of 7% and YTY growth of 18%. Total Q2 2006 PC shipments came in 2% above IDC’s initial forecasts. Countries like India, Thailand, Taiwan, and Korea came in below expectations, but China’s stronger than expected results helped pull up the region’s overall performance. YTY notebook growth slowed a little from its blistering pace last quarter to settle in at 45%. Lenovo was the market leader in Asia-Pacific market. HP’s shipments managed to expand 2% from its peak in the previous quarter, and its market share remained relatively unchanged. In third place, Dell’s shipments grew 19% sequentially thanks to strong growth in China and India during the quarter. Founder’s retail expansion in China helped it to rise one spot past Acer in the Asia Pacific region to take the fourth position as its shipments grew 18% sequentially, compared to the latter’s 9% decline over the same period.