Top online advertisers in Australia in Q4 2005

In Q4 2005, online display ad impressions in Australia steadily grew from 961 mln in October 2005 to 1.5 bln in December 2005, while the number of advertisers peaked at 752 and the number of campaigns reached a record of 1400 in the Christmas month. The big spenders in the lead up to Christmas were in the real estate, financial credit card services and travel industries, investing an estimated AU$4.2 mln, AU$3.8 mln and AU$2.8 mln respectively.

Property developers Urban Pacific and Lendlease were the number one and two online display advertisers in the final 3 months of 2005, closely followed by the Commonwealth Bank, the number one advertiser in the financial sector. Leading in the travel industry was Zuji with 63 campaigns, 291 banners and advertising on 106 websites which represents an approximate investment of AU$470 thousand and generated 67 mln ad impressions.

Australian online ad market in Q4 2005

Vendor Impressions Estimated budget
Urban Pacific 205,735,000 $1,444,000
Lend Lease 156,879,000 $1,101,000
Commonwealth Bank 133,510,000 $937,000
Bigpond 113,482,000 $796,000
News Interactive 105,922,000 $743,000
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings