Top Internet sites by visits per visitor: Yahoo!, Facebook, Microsoft+MSN+Live

ComScore started employing the notion of visits instead of pageviews in order to remove the penalty on sites that use high amount of AJAX to improve the user interaction. A visit in ComScore lingo is an interaction with a site within a 30 minutes interval. Therefore ComScore published the rating of top Internet sites based on the amount of visits per unique visitor.

Top sites by visits per visitor in February 2007
Property Visits
Total Internet Visits 64.2
Yahoo! Sites 28.6 23.6
Microsoft Sites 21.8
Time Warner Network 19.4
Weatherbug Property 17.7
Google Sites 17.7
Fox Interactive Media 16.9
Comcast Corporation 16.9
EA Online 13.6
Earthlink 12.1
Source: ComScore