Top global PC vendors in Q2: Dell, HP, IBM, Fujitsu/Siemens, Acer

Dell captured 18.2% of the worldwide PC market compared to 17.2% YTY. Hewlett-Packard actually lost a little ground, capturing 15.6% of PC sales worldwide versus 15.7% a year earlier, according to the report from tech research firm IDC. IBM came in third worldwide at 6.5%, Fujitsu/Siemens at 3.8% and Acer at 3.2%. Strong demand in Europe helped keep industry-wide sales strong, with Q2 growth in PC sales coming in at over 15%. In the United States, the leaders were Dell with 32.7% of the market, HP with 19.2%, IBM with 5.6% and Apple at 3.7%. Gateway was also expected to be in the top five, but couldn’t report sales figures prior to releasing its Q2 earnings statement.