Top DSP vendors: Texas Instruments, Freescale, Agere, Analog Devices

Top five DSP vendors in 2004, according to Forward Concepts, were: Texas Instruments, 49.7%; Freescale, 12.9%; Agere Systems, 9.8%; Analog Devices, 7.7%; and Philips, 6.8%. The principal driver for the DSP sales was the wireless communications market, which made up 71.5% of the DSP market up from 68% in 2003. Although relatively small in size, the computer market segment grew in 2004 by close to 50%, followed by automotive. Asia Pacific grew to be 52% of the market for DSP silicon in 2004 followed by Europe at 20.0%, Japan at 17.3% and the Americas region requiring 10.7% of the world’s DSP silicon in 2004.