Top destinations for local search: Google, Yahoo!, MSN

comScore observed a rise in local searches (searches related to geographically distinct places). These searches involve local qualifiers, or search terms including specific items such as ZIP codes, telephone numbers and street addresses. Consumers are using local search tools to coincide with other online activity, such as job searches, retail shopping and travel planning.

Local searches in August 2005

Search engine Number of searches Share
Google 195,790,534 43.7%
Yahoo! 126,243,837 28.2%
MSN+Microsoft 61,548,838 13.7%
Time Warner 33,556,682 7.5%
Ask Jeeves 24,717,632 5.5%
InfoSpace 4,188,728 0.9%
Lycos 1,373,255 0.3%
Total 447,829,790 100.0%
Source: comScore Media Metrix