Top broadband growth countries in Q4 2006: Vietnam, Ukraine, Greece

In Q4 2006, Spain, previously ranked twelfth, now ranked seventh. The country had a successful final quarter in terms of both, DSL and cable modem growth. Over 568,000 new lines were added in Q4 2006, compared to 310,000 in Q3 2006. China has been topping the ranking since the beginning of 2006 due to its high growth rate and market size. Although the quarterly growth has reduced slightly in Q4, the total of new additions was well ahead of the USA by 0.4 mln. The USA, being the country with the second largest number of net additions worldwide, gained another 2.8 mln lines over the Q. Quarterly net additions in the USA have remained very much constant, with around 2.7 to 2.9 mlns since Q3 2005. Further down in the rankings, the order is: France (1.34m), Germany (1.26m), UK (0.79m), Spain (0.57m), Brazil (0.498m), Italy (0.496m) and Turkey (0.46m), Point Topic says.

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