Top broadband countries: USA, China, Japan, South Korea

The USA remains the world’s leading broadband country achieving 31.7 mln lines in Q3 2004. China is in second place, adding 3 mln to reach 22.2 mln lines, and is pulling further ahead of Japan which had 17.2 mln lines. France overtook Canada to take sixth place with 5.7 mln lines. The UK added 762,000 lines in Q3 2004 (the most by any European country) and reached 5.1 mln lines.

In terms of percentage growth Thailand led the way with 95% growth to reach 110,000 lines – which were mainly DSL. Elsewhere, the Eastern European countries have displayed particularly strong growth, due to a combination of strong demand and greater transparency in their respective telecommunications markets. Hungary achieved 69% growth with cable modem and other broadband subscribers now featured amongst mainstream DSL subscriptions. Poland also experienced solid growth of 59% and is approaching 500,000 broadband lines. In other parts of Europe, Turkey continues to grow strongly registering 43% to reach 272,500 broadband lines. Latin American countries also feature in the ‘top ten’ for growth, with Mexico achieving 33% and approaches 500,000 broadband lines. Argentina had growth of 26% as it passed 400,000 lines.