Top broadband countries in 2006

In Q3 2006, South Korea claimed the fourth place with 0.5 mln more broadband subscribers than Germany. In Q4 2006, the country suffered from another slow growing Q where the gain in subscriber base was a mere 1.04%, far below the 6.7% average growth worldwide. South Korea has now 14 mln subscribers, 0.6 mln less than Germany. USA comes top with 57.3 mln subscribers, followed by China with 51.9 mln subscribers. The gap between the USA and China is narrowing from 5.9 mln in Q3 2006 to 5.4 mln in Q4 2006. With Phase Two of the “Cun Cun Tong” programme (“Connect all villages with Internet”) ready to begin and its populous advantage, it is almost certain that China will be catching up with the USA very soon, Point Topic says.

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