Thin client market generates $560 mln a year, 60% of users prefer thin clients over PCs

Wyse recently commissioned a study in which volunteers completed everyday Windows tasks on a thin client and a typical two-year-old PC. Users only saw the screen, keyboard and mouse of each system, and so did not know which was which. The results showed that 54.5% of participants found the thin client more responsive and over 60% said they would prefer it for everyday productivity work.

Wyse has a revenue share of 37% of the worldwide thin client market, according to IDC. Neoware, with a market share of 19%, is second and computing giant Hewlett-Packard comes in third at 15%. In Q2 2004, 1.5 mln thin clients were shipped worldwide, less than 3% of the enterprise desktop market. The global thin client market currently stands at around $560 mln.