The Brazilian IT market will grow to $24 bln

IDC predicts that the year 2008 will close with total spending on hardware, software, and services in Brazil at $23 bln, nearly equal to the $24 bln expected in the Spanish market. Northeast region of Brazil is the fastest growing region for IT investment in Brazil even though it is not among the top 3 regions in the country. IT investments by companies in this region are accelerating at an impressive rate and at a higher growth rate than any other region. The Northeast accounts for 11% of total IT spending in Brazil now, or $2.5 bln. All IT spending in Brazil this year, 33% will be in the hands of corporations with more than 500 employees. At the same time, small companies, which have been investing steadily in technology over the past several years, will account for 13% of total IT investment in the country.