TFT LCD sales up 45% in 2004

AlwaysOn provides DisplaySearch overview of the TFT LCD market. 2004 was the best year for TFT LCD industry with a 45% rise in sales to $48.5 bln in revenue. This was split by 47% in the large areas displays and 41% in the small area units. Net profit margins grew by 28% in H1 2004 but due to the crystal cycle prices rose in H2 2004 only to collapse in Q4 2004, due to much lower prices as inventory built. This was a banner year with the overall display industry at $62.2 bln up 42% from 2003. This growth was led by a 155% growth in LCD TVs at $5.8 bln. Street pricing of displays was like a roller coaster. The 15″ LCD price began at $284 and rose to $354 only to plummet to $253 at the end of 2004.