Telecom TV market to reach $600 mln by 2009

Telecommunications providers in many parts of the world are rolling out, or will soon roll out, TV services, reports In-Stat. At the end of 2004, there were 1.6 mln Telco TV subscribers. That number will rise to 32 mln by the end of 2009, with over half of the total coming from Asia. In North America, Verizon and SBC are getting close to a commercial launch of their TV services, however, franchise regulations or the lack thereof will determine the pace. Broadcast TV content processing, on-demand content processing, content security, and middleware revenues for telco TV will surpass $600 mln in 2009. In Europe, the national PTTs and competitive broadband service providers are eager to offer triple play solutions with high-speed Internet access, voice over IP, and TV.