Telecom transport spending to reach $309.6 bln in 2005

Spending on transport services is expected to grow 3.6% to reach $309.6 bln in 2005 and continue to increase to reach $365.4 bln by 2008, according to TIA. In 2004, wireless services continued double-digit gains, rising 14.6% to $101.9 bln, surpassing toll services for a second year. The increase in wireless was affected by the continued migration of landline subscribers to exclusive reliance on wireless and a loss of business lines. In addition, flat-rate pricing in the wireless market implicitly lowered per-minute charges and stimulated usage, while the popularity of data services such as music, games, Wi-Fi and wireless Internet access fueled interest in wireless. Wireless service revenues are expected to increase 11.2% in 2005 to reach $113.1 bln.

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